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Make a wise move into retirement living

September 2019

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Trying to decide the best retirement living option for your lifestyle? Getting expert advice and considering the long-term implications are important factors in your retirement journey.

Research is critical when deciding on a retirement living option and RetireAustralia is committed to helping seniors find their perfect home, with the support and freedom to live life the way they want.

Retirement legal specialist Danielle Lim, principal of DSL Law, has spent many years dedicated to working in the seniors living sector and regularly speaks at industry events and seminars on the topic.

She said new laws that started rolling out from February 1, 2019, aim to improve outcomes for retirement village residents and potential residents.

“People often focus on the process at the beginning when they’re choosing a village and don’t pay enough attention to the things that will affect them both while living within the village and when they leave,” Danielle said.

“As much as it would be great to compare apples with apples, retirement villages can be very different.

“Added to this, the personal circumstances of buyers can vary wildly – there’s really no cookie cutter approach, every situation is unique.”

Danielle’s top tips include:

Do your research. This is a big decision so take your time to understand the options.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something or want to know more, especially as laws are changing.

Get professional advice. Good, solid advice, particularly on financial matters, should be sought before any contracts are signed.

Consider your lifestyle. Make sure your own personal circumstances are catered for in your new home.

Think about the future. Make sure there are no surprises in store when you decide to leave a retirement village.

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